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Interview with RV_Hakase

Hey RenegadeLine Community,
This is our very first interview featuring RV_Hakase, who is our very talented 3D Animator. He is working on everything related with animations e.g. walking and jumping. Perhaps you already saw him posting on the forums, answering all sorts of questions and interacting with the community.
This marks the beginning of a weekly event. Every weekend a new interview, with a different team member, will be released. So be sure to visit the forums at least once a week, if you don't want to miss out on the latest interview.
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Generale Information about RV_Hakase:

Name: Jake

Age: 24

Nationality: Canadian

Joined RV: Early August 2015

Position: 3D Animator

The Interview

How long have you been working as a 3D Animator?
Since I graduated from college in March this year.

Did you learn 3D Animation at college or did you teach yourself how to do it?
Well, I learned a lot at college, but it was a more generalized thing and that’s where I decided animation is what I want to stick with, so since then I have been teaching myself additionally just building on those skills.

What did you study at college?
The course was called 3D animation but it covered modeling, texturing, rigging, rendering, lighting, all that stuff. That was all part of 3D animating.

Which projects have you been working on so far?
Mostly just this one, as well as my own demo reel. Yeah, I tend to start a lot of little projects just for myself just to work on my skills, but I tend to not quite finish them, you know. I spend most of my time working on RenegadeLine recently.


What’s the coolest thing you have created so far?
Uh, the coolest thing I created? Probably be my last demo reel. Which I was really proud of at the time, but as I find with most of my work, the more I like grow as an animator, the more I don’t like looking at the old stuff I have done because I just see all the flaws of it. My last reel I did a lip syncing animation with a sound clip and I thought it was pretty cool and a lot of people seemed to enjoy it. [To see the video: CLICK HERE ]

Why did you decide to join RawVengeance?
Well, I definitely needed something to do. It's kina of hard to come up with your own projects, so when I was contacted I thought it was a great opportunity to get into making animations for video games. So I can learn a lot and accomplish something meaningful at the same time. Plus I like the idea of working on a game like this, that’s kinda really accessible to a lot of people and a lot of people seem excited about it. So why not, who doesn’t like to see their work being enjoyed?

How is your experience with us so far?
It’s been pretty good. I have been collaborating a lot with Johannes (RV_Jogl). Implementing the animations in the game and making sure they work right and then troubleshooting and figuring out solutions. So that’s been pretty good. It’s nice having people to bounce things back off of, instead of just myself, so I can ask people what they think of something and they can give me pointers. You know, there is only so much you can see with your own set of eyes.
What are you currently working on?
Right now I’m working on the first taunt animation for the game. I just got finished on reworking a lot of the movement and jump animations. And we are really starting to get near the end of all base movement animations for the Resident character, so hopefully soon I’m gonna be moving on to adapting it for all the other weapons and doing their reloads, so we will have like an entire class fleshed out with animations.

What programs are you using?
I mainly use “Maya”. I got 2014 and 2016, but I mostly use 2014, just because it’s more compatible with Unreal Engine plug-ins. So, yeah, mainly ”Maya” and from there it goes on to Johannes (RV_Jogl), who plugs it into the Unreal Engine and then we get to see it live in the engine, which is pretty cool.


Can you give me a rough explanation of the work process you are going through for a new animation?
First I block out the animation, so I figure out what all the basic movements are and I pose the character in all these extreme poses. From there I usually get it checked over to make sure everyone is happy with the mechanics of how he is going through the motions. After that I start to refine it a bit more by adding a lot of weight and follow through to make it seem a lot more alive and again, through the process, I usually get it checked over by the team a few times and they give little pointers, so that I can keep it going in the right direction, instead of just waiting until it’s all done and then seeing if it’s the right thing.
Once it starts looking a bit more together, then it goes on to Johannes (RV_Jogl). He puts it into the engine and then we get to see how it’s actually working in the engine and then usually I end up refining it 1-2 more times after that, before we get to the spot that we’re really happy with it.


Sounds like a lot of work.
[Laughs] Well, most of it is just tedious work, you know. It’s something to do and I really enjoy doing it. It kinda goes into the same slot as playing videos games for me.


Do you actually always have to start from scratch for every new character?
It really depends when it comes to the different characters, since they have different skeletons and different riggs I can’t really copy & paste, but I do have 2 monitors, so I can have the finished character open on the one monitor and work on the new one on the other and can reference it frame by frame, which is pretty nice. But for the most part, I have to start from scratch every time.

How did you come up with your name?
Well, I got that mostly as a user name as a joke kind of a while ago. Hakase is a Japanese honorary, that you use usually towards scientists and stuff like that, but the literal translation is “master of ones trade”, so that is just me being cocky. I’m not a master of animation by any stretch, but it’s my goal to eventually get there.

Since you mentioned video games earlier: Are you playing video games and what kind of games do you like to play?
Yeah, I love playing video games and l always have. I usually play a mixture. Right now I’m playing a lot of “Payday 2”, “Space Engineers” and “Undertale”. They are all very different games and I like different things about them. I like a lot of creativegames that let you build things as well, like “Kerbel Space Program”. But I find I don’t play them as often now because all that energy goes into my animation work instead.

So no AAA blockbuster games?
No no. I like 15$ games, those are my favorite. [Laughs]
I play alot of “Early Access” titles, because I like seeing the games evolve as you’re playing them. So I’m hoping at least some of that will carry over into my contribution on this game.


I haven’t bought a single “Early Access” game so far, because I don’t trust this business model.
Yeah, it’s hard sometimes, I have passed up on quite a few and I gotta say I only regretted one so far and it’s not out yet, but I got my debts.
But I definitely understand where people come from when they are skeptical about this sort of stuff and that’s why I think it’s really good if we are pushing to have a playable demo before we start the Kickstarter, so we can actually show people what they can be expecting, instead of just giving out promises.

What is your favorite video game?
Uh, that’s probably a hard one. I think if I go with my all time favorite game, I have to go with the original Halo, because I used to play the crap out of that game and I got into modding it and all sorts of stuff when I was a kid. Well, I guess 10-11 counts as a kid. [Laughs]
How about sports, are you interested in them?
Not really a big sports guy, whether it's physical sports or eSports either way I’m not really into them and I don’t watch them that much. I think the last time I was interested in watching sports was during the winter Olympics watching Canada playing hockey against the US and that was kind of exciting, but that was one game.

But you are not following your regional hockey season?
Yeah yeah, there is the NHL here and it is pretty big, but I don’t know. People tend to root for whatever city they’re from, so here it is a lot of either “Ottowa Senators” fans or “Toronto Maple Leafs” fans, but honestly I think they both kinda…they don’t win a lot of games, let’s put it like that. [Laughs]
If you could join any work project, past or present, which one would it be?

Oh, I think the one that stands out for me the most is the Rooster Teeth series “RWBY” [ LINK ]. Whenever I watch that with the scenes where they are just kinda casually talking and walking around,  you can tell the creator wasn’t really into those parts. He just wanted to do the fight scenes, so a lot of it has kind of weird, clunky animations going on. And whenever I saw it, I just wanted to fix it myself so badly, because how much potential it had and how I enjoyed the writing so much. I just wanted the animations to match it. Although I hear they got a whole new team now for season 3 and that it’s going to be pretty cool apparently.
Wickeds or Residents, who would you join?
Ahh, I gotta say Wickeds. They just look pretty cool and their guns look pretty cool. And I’m not really a big and beefy guy, so I have trouble relating to the Residents a little more that way.

That's it for this weeks interview. I hope you had as much fun reading it, as me and Jake had producing it. Don't forget to leave us your questions and feedback in this THREAD since we are always eager to know what you want to ask the devs and also what you did or did not like about this interview. :)

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