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 Alerts and news [Blog] ⅓ Year Update : Our Progress so Far & What Lies Ahead


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iCreatin a dit sur 2018-06-02T19:04:08+02:00 dans [Blog] ⅓ Year Update : Our Progress so Far & What Lies Ahead:
Hello, today i have buy an Alpha Key. So its all good. Bute i dont know where i can download this game? Can someone help me?
Hi iCreatin,

The Alpha has recently moved over to Steam.
As it is still a Closed Alpha, we have to give Steam early access keys to our supporters for them to have access to the Renegade Line Steam page and to the future Alpha tests as well.
We thank you for your purchase. You should receive a Steam early access key to play the game on Steam whenever we send more keys out.
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I opened a ticket. I was never able to play with the Alpha ticket I won in the crosshairs contest. For months afterward I tried and it never worked, then I just stopped trying and walked away from the game.
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Abby da sie zagrac gdzies pobrac te gre?

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I hope it will become free as soon as posible
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Been waiting for ages for this to come out but I am happy to see how far you guys got with it!
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ja und wann kann man es nun zocken?

Tu n'es pas tout seul, rejoins l'armée de 40 000+ joueurs!

Obtiens un accès à l'alpha ici