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 Alerts and news Newspost Friday #37


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Fridays Newspost is upon us!

uhh, Latepost okay?... 🤔

Unfortunately, we will not show that much today, but we got a surprise for you at the end of the week!
As for now, we would like to remind you about our upcoming testing week & twitch stream before it 😎
Ohh... I almost forgot that we are working on the Thief class, stabbing time is getting closer! 🔪

Dev Stream & Alpha Week

Don't miss the Dev Stream on Twitch this Sunday at 5:30 PM CET
The testing week will start right after the stream 6:00 PM CET

Don't miss it!🤓

Thief Class
Today, we will show an early sneak peak footage of the Thief class!

Please keep in mind that the Thief is still at very early work in progress
Improvements will arrive, we promise!! 😄

Hey look here...
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You have seen nothing okay? 🕵

Be sure to visit our social media channels 👊

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Late reply, but I am VERY excited to try out the Thief, since i've been very interested ever since the skills and weapons were first showcased. Expect me to be playing him a LOT during the testing phase. 😚

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