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 Alerts and news Teaser Tuesday #4


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Lid sinds: 2016-02-21 04:39:45

Hi!, ready for another Teaser Tuesday?

*Remember that everything here is a WIP, test, or conceptual art.

Let's talk about something fun...emotes!

Concepts have been made and tests are being done for the emote HUD display, as well as functionality, take a look!

*Concept for HUD wheel

But this time, we also brought a video with a small test to show!

Emote Wheel HUD test

*Everything shown inside the wheel is just a placeholder!, including icons and animations!

Have a great week, and see you on the line!

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Oh no, i got killed by an enemy! But wait! It turned out to be a taunt after all. I'm just wondering what taunts we'll get. 😟
That.Damn.BlokeDiscussies: 7
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Wooo, a circle tant window! It's totally more convenient to use instead of the box. "I'm not joking," it professional and clean cut! 👌
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looks nice :) now I'll defenitly will ragequit some times ^^
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Might as well try out the game again when alpha testing opens.

Je bent niet alleen, vecht mee met 40.000+ spelers!

Krijg hier alpha toegang