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 Alerts and news [Blog] ⅓ Year Update : Our Progress so Far & What Lies Ahead


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Hello everyone,

To replace this week's Friday's Newspost, we have made a new Medium blog regarding an update for the (now late) 1/3 year.
In this blog, we talk about what went wrong since our Kickstarter campaign and how we are going to improve upon that.
We also discuss what we have been able to achieve so far this year, in relation to the goals we had at the end of 2017.

Also just a reminder that the next Alpha test will start on the 28th of May at 6PM CET. This test will feature the new character models.
This test will be on Steam. For this reason, we will hand out early access Steam keys to our backers and supporters so they can test the next few Alpha versions!

Just to make it clear: We can not give everyone a Steam early access key AT ONCE. We will hand them out in waves. 1500 active and current testers will be able to get a Steam early access key at first. We will then request more keys from Valve to give them to every other of our supporters.

Thank you for your patience and dedication, and as always, feel free to leave comments down below!
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I understand the need for a publisher to help release this game. As long as its not or nothing like EA. Going Steam may be a good way to go. Finally, I hope there will be price relief for those who provided financial support during Alpha phase once on Stream (past the Beta I mean).

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Finally some answers! Can't wait for the steam version! Hope that a lot of backers will be playing again an fill up some servers!
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Best of luck, Steam would indeed increase the popularity of the game.

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Merci pour ces information permettant d'y voir plus claire, et mettre sur steam le jeu est une bonne idée :)

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Thank you for your feedback, we appreciate it!
As it is written in the forum rules and to ensure everyone understands what you have to say, please keep your posts in English or provide an English translation in the future.
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Nice👍 .
ThrimborDiscussies: 15
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cant wait for the Steam version :D

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Great medium post, hope to see more posts like that in the future!
Also very excited to test out the new character models.👍
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Really good news, good luck guys)

Je bent niet alleen, vecht mee met 40.000+ spelers!

Krijg hier alpha toegang